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A flexible budget for a level of activity of 60,000 machine hours would show total manufacturing overhead costs of …………….. This approach of estimation of working capital requirement is based on the fact that the total assets of the firm are consisting of fixed assets and current assets. For example, a firm is maintaining 20% of its total assets in the form of current assets and expects to have total assets of Rs. 50,00,000 next year. Thus, the current assets of the firm would be Rs. 10,00,000 (i.e., 20% of Rs. 50,00,000). Cash budget is an estimation of the cash inflows and outflows, which can be done either for business or individual.

Low working capital ratio values, near one or lower, can indicate serious financial problems with a company. The working capital ratio reveals whether the company has enough short-term assets to pay off its short-term debt. The period in which we get the invested amount back is called pay-back period. The annual income received from the invested capital or whatever savings are there, they are called ‘cash earning’ or ‘net cash inflows’. A risk-adjusted discount rate is the rate obtained by combining an expected risk premium with the risk-free rate during the calculation of the present value of a risky investment. A risky investment is an investment such as real estate or a business venture that entails higher levels of risk.

It enables the management to perform business in the most professional manner because budgets are prepared to get the optimum use of resources and the objectives framed. Natural events like rain, monsoon, drought, and other uncontrollable factors affect the actual performance of an organization which cannot be considered for budget.Important Points to Note. This is an important budget that keeps control over the working capital requirement andcash management.

How to solve cash flow problems

If the management has to choose one project between two mutually exclusive projects, the project with shortest pay back period will be chosen. 3.Discuss the various kinds of capital budgeting proposal decisions. A financial decision which is concerned with how the firm’s funds are invested in different assets is known as investment decision Investment decision can be long-term or short-term. A company’s cash flow is typically categorized as cash flows from operations, investing, and financing. When you don’t have sufficient capital, you cannot meet your daily business requirements, as it causes cash flow problems.

Hap’s distributed and integrated petty cash solution helped automate the entire approval, reimbursement, and payment process. The result was real-time transparency, tracking, and visibility into the expense claims leading to a 90% increase in productivity. An immediate expenditure of Rs. 5,00,000 will be required to advertise the product. This will produce net annual cash inflows of Rs. 3,00,000 at the end of the each of the subsequent five years. However, the agents will have to be paid Rs. 50,000 each year. On termination of the contract, the agents will have to be paid a lump sum of Rs. 1,00,000 at the end of the fifth year.

What 3 factors affect a budget?

  • Your Income Structure. The way in which money comes into your income statement is critical for planning cash flow.
  • Your Spending Habits.
  • Your Use (or Not) of Credit & Debt.
  • Your Tech Savvy.
  • Your Personality.

The report should be prepared in such a manner that it reveals the responsibility of a department or an executive and give full reasons for the variances so that proper corrective action can be taken. The budget may take the form of a Profit and Loss Account and a Balance Sheet as at the end of the budget period. You are required to prepare a budget for sales incorporating the above estimates.


Although it is the usual convention to use the market rate as the discount rate in most applications, under certain circumstances, the application of a risk-adjusted discount rate becomes crucial. Operating cash flow is a measure of the amount of cash generated by a company’s normal business operations. Operating cash flow indicates whether a company can generate sufficient positive cash flow to maintain and grow its operations, otherwise, it may require external financing for capital expansion. Knowing how to calculate FCF and analyze it helps a company with its cash management and will provide investors with insight into a company’s financials, helping them make better investment decisions. FCF is an important measurement since it shows how efficient a company is at generating cash.

cash balance

The other merits and demerits of this method are the same as those of net present value method. You need to maintain the right inventory if you want to maintain an impressive cash flow. Generating different inventory reports with TallyPrime instead can help as you get insights instantly. You can see how much stock is available, how much stock is needed as per the demand projections, and which stock must be sold quickly because its expiration date is close. These valuable insights help you plan your sales accordingly for better cash flow.

Extra Questions

The master budget is a set of budgeted financial statements that are sometimes called pro forma statements. All the production, selling and cost budgets for the organization. The Everglade Golden Years Company operates upscale retirement communities in certain parts of southern Florida. The company was founded in 1946, and enjoyed many successful years.


So the firm cannot take up all the projects though profitable, and has to select the combination of proposal that will yield the greatest profitability. The capital rationing is proper allocation of capital between various projects, those projects are left in which the expected profitability rate is lower than the cost of capital. If you are a small business that has been running for a year or more, you have an idea of the average spending.


Each unit of product X requires 3 units of material A and 4 units of material B. Market studies reveal that toy Raja is popular as it is under priced. It is observed that if its price is increased by Rs it will find a ready market. On the other hand, Rani is over-priced and market could absorb more sales if its selling price is reduced to Rs. 20. The management has agreed to give effect to the above price changes.

What are the most common problems with a budget?

  • Rigid Decision-Making.
  • Time Required to Complete the Budget.
  • Gaming the System.
  • Blame for Outcomes.
  • Expense Allocations.
  • Use It or Lose It.
  • Only Considers Financial Outcomes.

Also, a cash budget problems with solution can show negative fre cash flow, and hence, the calculation will again go wrong with the perpetuity growth model. The cash flow statement complements the balance sheet and income statement and is a mandatory part of a public company’s financial reporting requirements since 1987. Preparation of capital budget plans involve forecasting of several years profits in advance in order to judge the profitability of projects. Financial reports are used to forecast, plan, and execute your plans so your business thrives in the short and long term. They can be used to understand what is currently happening in your business and give you an idea of where your business is headed if all the factors remain the same.

It is a formal plan of action expressed in monetary terms. It could be seen as a statement of expected income and expenses under certain anticipated operating conditions. It is a quantified plan for future activities – quantitative blue print for action.

An impromptu lunch for the hardworking employees, greeting cards or flowers for customers, seems like a harmless business expense for branches, right? However, these transactions can quickly become a major source of distress without automation or adequate control. Establishment of a sound system of budgeting and classification of budgets. D) Once a budget is fixed there is no need to incorporate the changes in the budget however significant they are. Specify the objectives of preparing capital expenditure budget. The budget report should be prompt and factual and should have the requisite degree of accuracy.

Indirect materials are generally included in overhead budget. Material budget can be prepared on the basis of standards or, historical data regarding percentage of raw materials to total cost, adjusted for current price and normal wastage of material. Those which reduce costs.The first category of capital budgeting decisions are expected to increase revenue of the firm through expansion of the production line. The second category increases the earnings of the firm by reducing costs and includes decisions relating to replacement of obsolete, out molded or work out assets. In such cases, a firm has to decide whether to continue with the same assets or replace it.

Fixed & Flexible Budgets – Budgetary control

Cash flows from investments include money spent on purchasing securities to be held as investments such as stocks or bonds in other companies or in Treasuries. Inflows are generated by interest and dividends paid on these holdings. Cash flows from financing are the costs of raising capital, such as shares or bonds that a company issues or any loans it takes out. The method is a slight modification of the net present value method. The net present value method has one major drawback that it is not easy to rank projects on the basis of this method particularly when the costs of the projects differ significantly. To evaluate such projects the profitability index method is most suitable.

What are three negatives of a budget?

Inaccurate or unreasonable assumptions can quickly make a budget unrealistic. Budgets can lead to inflexibility in decision-making. Budgets need to be changed as circumstances change. Budgeting is a time consuming process – in large businesses, whole departments are sometimes dedicated to budget setting and control.

There are three steps involved in the estimation of working capital. The efficiency of the planning and management is subject to the correct estimate of the working capital requirement. The present article looks into the steps and calculations required to estimate the working capital requirement for a firm. The term of sale, lag in payment etc., are generally taken into consideration. Apportion of manufacturing overheads to products manufactured, semi variable cost i.e., those which are partly variable and partly fixed. It being expensive is beyond the capacity of small undertakings.

9.Risk and uncertainty is quite inherent in capital budgeting. Capital budgeting decisions involve the exchange of current for the benefits to be achieved in future. There are several methods used to analyse a company’s cash flow, including the debt service coverage ratio, free cash flow, and unlevered cash flow. The risk-adjusted discount rate signifies the requisite return on investment, while correlating risk with return. A risk-adjusted discount rate reflects such a correlation since discount rates are adjusted based on the magnitude of the risk involved.

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